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Our Rabbits

Past and Present rabbits that made an impact on our rabbitry.

English Lop Bucks

PCR Gunsmoke

Blue Senior Buck
Ears: 24 x 5 (@ 16 weeks)
Sire: PCR Bazinga (7 GC legs)
Dam: Poole's Temple
Legs: 6

NOT the best photo of this handsome boy, doesn't do him justice at all. He has a stunning set of ears and a big bold head. Lovely type when he decides to show it off. I'm looking forward to watching him grow out.

~ 8/30/14: CRCS Show A: BOS, BOV
~ 8/31/14: CRCS Show D: BOS, BOSV
~ 8/30/14: CRCS Show E: BOS, BOV
~ 9/6/14: BMRC Show A: BOS, BOSV
~ 9/6/14: BMRC Show B: BOV
~ 9/27/14: RVRF Show B: BOB, BOV.
Trina's Texas Hold Em

Black Tort Senior Buck
Ears: TBA
Sire: Trina's Gonzo
Dam: Trina's Zarina
Legs: 5

Phenomenal buck that I am over the moon about to have in my barn. Tex placed 2nd in his class at the 2014 ARBA Convention, just below his brother who won BOS! He has an amazing head and is very wide over his top. I am looking forward to watching Tex litters grow!

1 leg won for BIS
2 legs won for 1st in class
~ 11/2/14: ARBA Convention: 2nd of 48
~ 1/31/15: Frozen Friends Show A: BOSV.
~ 1/31/15: Frozen Friends Show B: BOB, BOV.

PCR Fargo 
Broken Opal Senior Buck
17 Legs

BOSV 2012 ARBA Convention
Produced the BOS winner 2012 ARBA Conv

PCR Swagger 
Solid Blue Buck
5 Legs

1st of 31 SJB at 2011 ARBA Convention
Produced the BOB winner 2012 ARBA Conv
PCR Side Show Bob 
Solid Blue Tort Buck
12 Legs

2nd of 15 at 2009 ARBA Convention

PCR Bazinga
Black Buck
7 Legs

Stretching Limit's Harley
Broken Blue Tort Buck
6 Legs

6th of 21 at 2013 ARBA Convention

PCR Buck Norris
Broken Blue Tort Buck
8 Legs

BOS & BOSV 2018 ARBA Convention
English Lop Does

PCR Chanel

 Solid Blue Senior Doe
Ears: 23 x 5 (@ 3 months)
Sire: PCR Swagger (5 legs)
Dam: Delightful's Fendi
Legs: 17
Registered GC

Beautiful doe with excellent bone and hindquarters. Chanel fulfilled a long time dream of mine of winning BOB at an ARBA Convention. I am very proud of this sweet heart.

BOB 2012 ARBA Convention

2012-2013 #1 Top Lop

* Honorable Mention Show B Kennewick, WA March 2013
* Reserve in Show A Bremerton, WA April 2013
* Best in Show B Bremerton, WA April 2013

~10/28/12:  ARBA Conv: BOB, BOV & 1st of 29
~ 12/1/12: GNWRCS Show A: BOV.
~ 12/1/12: GNWRCS Show B: BOS, BOV.
~ 12/9/12: CRCS Specialty: BOS, BOSV.
~1/26/13:  Frozen Friends Show A: BOB & BOV.
~1/26/13:  Frozen Friends Show B: BOB & BOV.
~ 3/9/13: BMRBA Show A: BOS, BOSV.
~ 3/9/13: BMRBA Show C: BOS, BOSV.
~ 3/16/13: TCRA Show A: BOB & BOV.
~ 3/16/13: TCRA Show B: BOB & BOV.
~ 4/13/13: PBRCB Show B: BOS, BOSV.
~ 4/14/13: WFRCBG Show A: BOB, BOV.
~ 4/14/13: WFRCBG Show B: BOS, BOSV.
~ 4/27/13: WPSRC Specialty: BOS, BOV.
~ 4/27/13: WPSRC Show A: RIS & BOB.
~ 4/27/13: WPSRC Show B: BIS & BOB.

~ 5/5/13: West Coast Classic Show B: BOSV.

PCR/Happy Hoppers
Tequila Sunrise

Broken Black Tort Senior Doe
Ears: TBA
Sire:PCR Juan (1 leg)
Dam: Trina's Espresso
Legs: 10

This lovely lady is the result of a co-breeding that my friend, Linda Rouse of CA and I did. This litter has grown into stunning examples of the english lop breed.

#11 Top Lop 2013-2014

~ 3/29/14: Pear Blossom Show B: BOB, BOV.
~ 5/4/14: WCC Show B: BOB, BOV.
~ 5/4/14: WCC Show C: BOB, BOV.
~ 5/17/14: Crazy 8 Show A: BOB, BOV.
~ 6/1/14: Oregon State Show B: BOB, BOV.
~ 6/1/14: Oregon State Show C: BOB, BOV.
~ 6/21/14: Washington State Show A: BOS, BOSV.
~ 6/22/14: Washington State Show B: BOB, BOV.
~ 8/30/14: CRCS Show A: BOB, BOV.
~ 8/31/14: CRCS Show E: 1st of 5.

PCR Rodeo Queen

Broken Black Senior Doe
Ears: NA
Sire: PCR Bazinga (7 GC legs)
Dam: PCR Tula (6 GC legs)
Legs: 3

Miss Rodeo Queen has many traits I strive for in my breeding program. She is deep, wide, full down through that hindquarter and has mass.

~ 9/27/14: RVRF Show B: BOS, BOV.
~ 11/2/14: ARBA Convention: 2nd of 22.
~ 12/12/14: CRCS Friday Show: BOS, BOV.
~ 12/13/14: CRCS Show B: BOV.

PCR Emilee 
Solid Blue Doe
9 Legs

2012 BOSV Lop Nationals

Elegancia's Maricella

Cream Senior Doe

Ears: 26 x 6
Sire: Elegancia's Mauricio
Dam: Elegancia's Buttercups

Legs: 8
Registered GC

Lovely little gal from my dear Juan. Beautiful ears and she is such a sweet doe, loves attention. Juan's bunnies will always hold a special place in my heart.

~ Blue Mtn RC Show C: BOSV.
~ 9/21/13: BVRA Show A: BOSV.
~ 9/21/13: BVRA Show B: BOS, BOSV.
~ 2013 ARBA Convention: 1st of 21.
~ 12/13/13: CRCS Show A: BOB, BOV.
~12/14/13: CRCS Show C: BOSV.
~ 12/15/13: CRCS Show D: BOSV.
~ 12/15/13: CRCS Lop Specialty: BOV.

PCR Smarty Pants 
Broken Blue Doe
14 Legs

2009-2010 #3 Top Lop

PCR Cindy Lopper
Blue Tort Doe

1st place SID 2018 ARBA Convention



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