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Sales Policy 
Please read over our Sales Policy before inquiring about a rabbit. If you have any questions about our policies, don't hesitate to ask.
I'd be happy to answer any questions. A link to the sales page is provided below.
  • All rabbits are sold in guaranteed health. If something should happen to the rabbit after 7 days of the time of purchase, it is not my responsibility. Please see the Health Guarantee section below.
  • All rabbits are sold on a first come, first serve basis. I reserve the right to refuse a sale for what ever reason I feel is necessary.
  • No rabbit will leave our rabbitry that is under 10 weeks of age.
  • I can not guarantee a rabbit's show success, production or how it grows out. No breeder can make those sort of promises.
  • Rabbits listed as show quality rabbits have been evaluated to the best of our knowledge and ability and are free of disqualifications at the time of the sale. However we urge buyers to evaluate the rabbits themselves. We are not responsible for any disqualification that may appear after the time of the sale.
  • I do not ship rabbits at this time. But we can certainly look into arranging another means of transportation. If a rabbit is being transported through another person, I am not responsible for that rabbit (should something happen on the trip) once it leaves my hands as it is in the care of another person.
  • I do not lend out my bucks for breedings due to problems in the past. No exceptions! If interested in particular bloodline,please see my For Sale page or e-mail me about what may be available.
  • We do not accept personal checks; cash, PayPal or money orders only please.
  • All sales are final once the full payment has been received and in hand. Prices are subject to change based on how an animal develops (unless a deposit has already been put down on that particular rabbit).
  • Sold= full payment has been received.
  • Sale Pending= deposit has been made.
  • On Hold= payment has not been received but is being held for up to 2 weeks until deposit is made.
  • If no deposit has been made within 2 weeks of a rabbit being placed on hold, that rabbit will then be listed as for sale once again.
  • Rabbits must be picked up within 2 weeks of payment unless other arrangements have been made (pick-up via upcoming show, etc). After placing a rabbit on hold for someone, if that person has not contacted me to make arrangements within 2 weeks of placing that rabbit on hold, the rabbit will then be listed as for sale once again. Cage space is limited.
  • Rabbits come with their full 3 generation pedigree (except pet rabbits) and a baggy of Heinold Family Formula rabbit pellets so that your new bunny can easily transition to the brand of pellets you chose to feed.
  • We are proud supporters of 4-H and offer 4-H discounts to any youth who presents their 4-H member card at the time of purchase. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their parent's permission before a sale can be finalized.
  • Show Quality Rabbits: $85 and up. This means that the rabbit fits within the ARBA breed standards and is able to be shown. The rabbit is free of disqualifications at the time the sale is made. Show quality rabbits come with a full third generaion pedigree. Show quality does not guarantee winnings, only that the rabbit simply can be shown.
  • Brood Quality: $75 and up. This means that the rabbit may have a fault that won't allow it to be shown (such as an ear injury, dead tail, etc) but can still produce quality show animals. Brood quality rabbits come with their pedigree.
  • We DO NOT sell pets! Show and breeding stock only!

By purchasing a rabbit from our rabbitry, you are agreeing to our terms above.

Health Guarantee 
At the time of the purchase, I can guarantee that rabbit's health for up to a week after it leaves my hands.
However, if for whatever reason the rabbit becomes ill within that 7 days (that isn't stress, over handling,
mistreatment, extreme weather conditions, food related issues, injury, etc), I will then do the best I can to
get a replacement bunny to you as soon as one becomes available (granted that the original one is
returned and a veterinarian's evaluation of that animal is provided). Any extra expenses like vet bills and so
forth are the buyer's responsibility. Please contact me if there are any problems within the first 7 days after
the purchase, and not AFTER the rabbit has died (as I will not replace the rabbit that being the case).

Rabbitry visits are not allowed for the safety and health of my rabbits and my family.
Sale rabbits will be delivered at shows or by another means.
Rabbits For Sale
By clicking the link above, you are agreeing to our policy and terms. 



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