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Our Rabbitry

Feeding: My rabbits are free-fed on Heinold Family Formula 17%. For years we had fed Pfau with great success but due to a change in the mill Fall 2014, we began noticing some problems and switched feeds immediately. So far we like what we see from the Heinold Feeds! My rabbits also get a handful of hay and half a cup of my grain mix each day to keep them in top condition. It is important to keep some sort of roughage in a rabbit's diet as it helps to keep their digestive track regulated. I am a huge fan of Oxy-Gen products and currently use several of their products in our herd. Each rabbit also gets some sort of fruit or veggie (usually a piece of banana, carrot or apple slice) but in moderation, a few times a week. Too much can cause diarrhea and an upset tummy. I like to put a chew block in with each rabbit as it helps to keep teeth in good shape. My husband and I love our rabbits dearly and we work hard to provide them with the proper care they deserve.

Housing: My rabbits are housed in my 12 X 16 barn which is insulated with heating
 and cooling. I have a series of 3-4 hole condos (30" X 30") in which they are housed. I have about 40 cages at the moment. Because english lops are a large breed, it is very important that they have an EZ mat to sit on to give their feet a break, as larger breeds are prone to sore hocks. Cage pans are cleaned thoroughly twice a week (3 times a week in the summer months). For bedding in the cage pans, I really like Dry Den pellets. They are very absorbent, so a little goes a long way. They also reduce odor by quite a bit. Sanitation and cleanliness are our top priorities here! New rabbits are put in a different area away from my other rabbits for a week, I feel it is important to quarantine newbies just in case. 

Our Standards: At Pease & Carrots Rabbitry, we do not breed for fancy colors or record holding ear lengths. Granted, it is fun to have a variety of different colors but I will only allow a "colored" english lop into our herd if our standards are met as I am not willing to sacrifice body type. I breed for OVERALL BALANCE, healthy immune systems and easy-going temperaments. I prefer any rabbit in my herd to have at least 24" ears (again, it's about balance). I have a small rabbitry and have to be very selective. I like english lops with big bone and capacity to them. I didn't like the "race horse" look when I raised sheep, and the same applies to my rabbits. Breed character of course is very important. No visible crowns, nice shape and texture to the ears, correct structure, excellent depth and full hindquarters with that mandolin body type. Personality also plays a big factor in my selection process. My english lops just have to have that typical "happy-go-lucky" attitude about them. Their clownish personalities are one of the many reasons I love this breed so much. They are a pleasure to raise and
 spend time with.

Pictured at the right: My BOSV youth winning rabbit, Big Louie & I at the 2004 Lop Nationals.
Our National Winners

PCR Smarty Pants 
Broken Blue Doe
14 Legs
2009-2010 #3 Top Lop

Trina's Lassen 
Broken Blue Tort Buck
12 Legs
1st of 16 at 2009 ARBA Convention

PCR Emilee 
Solid Blue Doe
9 Legs
2012 BOSV Lop Nationals

PCR Swagger 
Solid Blue Buck
5 Legs
1st of 31 SJB at 2011 ARBA Convention
Produced the BOB winner 2012 ARBA Conv

PCR Fargo 
Broken Opal Senior Buck
17 Legs
BOSV 2012 ARBA Convention
Produced the BOS winner 2012 ARBA Conv

PCR Mustang Sally 
Broken Opal Steel Doe
8 Legs
1st of 21 at 2012 ARBA Convention

PCR Golden Ticket
Fawn Buck
3 GC Legs
Best Opposite of Breed &
 BOSV 2012 ARBA Convention

Sold to Derek Poole

PCR Chanel 
Blue Doe
17 Legs
Best of Breed & Best of Variety
2012 ARBA Convention 

2012-2013 #1 Top Lop

Eleganica's Maricella
Cream Doe
8 Legs
1st place SID 2013 ARBA Convention

PCR Clarissa
Blue Doe
BOSV Youth 2013 ARBA Convention
Owned by Grace Toy

PCR Lone Star
Broken Blue Tort Buck
1st place SIB class winner
 Youth 2014 ARBA Convention

Owned by Pieper Jaehn

PCR/CHR Moose Drool
Blue Tort Buck
1st place SIB 2015 ARBA Convention

PCR Buck Norris
Broken Blue Tort Buck
BOS & BOSV 2018 ARBA Convention

PCR Cindy Lopper
Blue Tort Doe
1st place SID 2018 ARBA Convention
Other Accomplishments
  • 2009-2010- LRCA #3 Top Lop
  • 2011-2012- LRCA #9 Sweepstakes points
  • 2012 ARBA Convention- Best Display English Lops
  • 2012-2013- LRCA #4 Sweepstakes points
  • 2012-2013- LRCA #1 Top Lop
  • 2013-2014- LRCA #7 Sweepstakes points
  • 2013-2014- LRCA #11 Top Lop

Rabbitry visits are not allowed for the safety and health of my rabbits and family.
Sale rabbits will be delivered at shows.

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