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2018 ARBA Convention
Best Opposite Sex of Breed
Best Opp
Variety Broken

2012 ARBA Convention

Best of Breed
Best Opposite of Breed
Best Variety & Opp Solids
Best Opp Variety Broken

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My name is Molly Pease (previously Van Etten). I raise english lop rabbits and have been since 1999. In 2005, I sold my original rabbitry (Lop Shop Rabbitry). Life happened and I needed a break for a little bit. At the beginning of 2008, I started a rabbitry back up again and couldn't be happier that I had decided to come back. It was greatly missed.

I first began showing rabbits with a few mini lops and netherland dwarfs as a 4H project in 1997. It quickly escalated from there! As soon as I saw an english lop at a show, I was hooked on the breed. My very first english lops came from Lindy Nelson who I have to thank for selling me such great stock to start with. Later on, I added rabbits from Susanne Webb and the Nipper's. Today, my stock mostly consists of Stretching Limits, Poole's, Trina's and Elegancia bloodlines.

The year 2012 proved to be a big year for our rabbitry! The 2012 Lop Nationals was held in Spokane, Washington where my doe, PCR Emilee was BOSV. At the 2012 ARBA Convention, we finally met a long time goal of winning Best of Breed English Lop (PCR Chanel), along with Best Opposite Breed (PCR Golden Ticket) and Best Opposite Broken Variety (PCR Fargo). I'd like to thank those who supported and encouraged us over the years to keep working hard to reach our goals.

My husband, Rudy and I raise and show our rabbits together as a team, it's something we enjoy very much. Our rabbits are our happiness. We are a small rabbitry consisting of approximately 35 holes. The two of us work hard to produce english lops that fit the breed standard criteria. Rudy and I strive to produce top quality rabbits that are well balanced, healthy and correct in structure with easy-going temperaments.

Our rabbitry is located in Newberg, Oregon in the middle of Oregon's wine country. We are roughly 15 minutes from Interstate 5.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to answer.

 In Loving Memory of my mom & rabbit buddy,
Nancy Van Etten.

We miss you.

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